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Chipotle (CMG) is scheduled to report earnings on 7/20. Monthly active users of its apps are up 7% YoY and 13% QoQ. 

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Google is likely acquiring Pring, a cashless payment and settlement startup based in Japan. Its mobile app for p2p payments has more than 30k monthly active users.




Bytedance continues to grow

Bytedance can already make music hits through TikTok and now it looks to be gaining a foothold in the music streaming business as well, through its app, Resso. Resso is live in Brazil and Indonesia as well but is making great strides recently in India. In the chart below, it looks as if its emergence is directly pushing the market share of Gaana Music lower. Somehow, Resso was able to escape India's ban of popular Chinese-backed apps. People have suspected this is because the listed publisher is Moon Video but you don't need to look too far to see who owns Moon Video.


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I often use this space in the newsletter to show you new apps or new trends but for this musing, we're going to marvel at the continuation of a consistent trend; Discord's in-app purchase revenue. Since opening up the app store revenue stream in April 2019, it has gone nowhere but up.So, what are people buying on Discord? Nitro. It gives users better emojis, custom avatars, more upload capacity, high-definition video and more. Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. A pared down version, Nitro Classic, runs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Twitch is also consistently gaining more revenue, speaking to the power of the creator economy and gaming.


Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

Simply go live, get fans, and earn cash!

Broadcast your world and earn easy money off your livestreams with Tango Live.

Simply go live, get fans, and earn cash!

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INSIGHTS & updates


Top 10 downloaded P2P payment apps in the world in H1 2021

Many of the top P2P payment apps offer financial services beyond P2P payments (think: merchant services for SMBs), but we consider a P2P payment app to be any app that is most known for having a P2P feature.


Top 10 Downloaded P2P Payment Apps in the United States in H1 2021

As a market, the top 10 P2P payment apps in the US increased downloads approximately 38.7% YoY to more than 90M. This total represents a 66.8% increase from H1 2019— a significant two-year gain.


Vaccine passport apps hit 10 million downloads globally

The apps above provide digital proof of identity and select health records. The vast majority of countries are not requiring people to be vaccinated for them to visit, which is why uptake has been low.






Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in tech and mobile followed up with a little earnings preview for Netflix and Peloton. This episode has its first ever guest in Chris Radtke of Braze. He discusses their latest guide on reaching your customers in the moments that matter. After that the crew reviews the latest Apptopia insight on Facebook Games and more, followed by our own game of In or Out. Here's the rundown:

[2:08] Mobile News Review
[10:43] I know what you did last quarter
[15:38] Discussion w/Chris Radtke of Braze
[41:27] This week on Apptopia
[46:51] In or Out





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