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Mobile Signal



Discover (DFS) is scheduled to report earnings on 7/21. Downloads of the flagship mobile app are up 41% YoY and 15% QoQ. American Express apps are seeing a boost too, but not as strong.

App Acquisitions







Klarna has acquired Hero, an app that connects retail workers with online shoppers via text messages and videos. The app is integrated into retailer websites and apps and used by retail workers. The app is used by about 1000 retail workers every day.








Updater has acquired Dolly, a Task Rabbit-like app that specifically helps with moving and delivery. Dolly has been installed 700k times since launch in 2014.




What a ride

I don't mind you coming here, reading all my insights. It's just what I needed, so let the good times roll. The Cars certainly would be benefitting from SEO if the band were still around today. Think of the brand deals. They could easily be the official browsing music of CarGurus. A lot of people moved out of the city during the pandemic and when that happens, people have less access to public transportation. Browsing time in the top car marketplace apps is up 57% YoY so far in the month of July and has been growing strong YTD.


car mktplace@2x


The app nextdoor

As Nextdoor goes public via SPAC, we compared its Engagement Index to top social networking and social communication apps. Engagement Index is the relationship between DAU and MAU, or how often the average user opens the app. An index rating of 100% would mean that most users open the app every day while 50% would mean every other day. While Nextdoor is not as engaging as an app like Instagram, it does pretty well for itself. Over the past two years, the app's engagement index has increased by 21%.


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INSIGHTS & updates


How are recent QSR promotions moving the needle?

The 10 most downloaded quick-service restaurant apps in June combined for 7.7 million new installs, compared to 8.7 million last month. A 24% drop in McDonald’s performance was a large contributing factor as the app had a strong May off the back of its promotion with pop boy band, BTS.


Number of ASMR themed mobile games available for download increases for 13 consecutive quarters

Mobile games making use of ASMR are on the rise! Q2 2021 ended with 405 games, an increase of 72.3% year-over-year. Looking at the top 10 ASMR themed games over the past ten quarters, we found that every game was a hyper-casual game.






Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in tech and mobile followed up with a little earnings preview for Netflix and Peloton. This episode has its first ever guest in Chris Radtke of Braze. He discusses their latest guide on reaching your customers in the moments that matter. After that the crew reviews the latest Apptopia insight on Facebook Games and more, followed by our own game of In or Out. Here's the rundown:

[2:08] Mobile News Review
[10:43] I know what you did last quarter
[15:38] Discussion w/Chris Radtke of Braze
[41:27] This week on Apptopia
[46:51] In or Out





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