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Mobile Signal
PayPal (PYPL) is scheduled to report earnings on 4/12. User sessions of its mobile apps are up 3.4% YoY but down 1% QoQ.
App Acquisition
e& has acquired a stake in Uber's Careem, a popular ride hailing super app in the Middle East, for $400 million. Since being acquired by Uber in March 2019, Careem has been installed 30 million times.
Masters app@2x
Driving downloads

This year The Masters tournament had the added fun of watching PGA tour golfers playing against LIV golfers (breakaway league financed by a Saudi PIF). This year's five day stretch of app installs was the most since 2018 and a 63% increase over last year's haul. In addition to tracking scores and players, the app enables fans to watch the tournament and invite friends to watch with them in a video chat.

lemon8 us launch@2x
When the U.S. government gives you lemons...

...you make Lemon8. The app has actually been around since March 2020 but was only recently promoted in the U.S., as the threat to ban TikTok has grown. The app bears resemblance to both Instagram and Pinterest in that it is photo based and used for "inspo." Lemon8 has about one million U.S. downloads so far and does not yet pose much danger to Instagram unless Bytedance turns its paid UA machine to 11.


I wonder if Bytedance is taking a page out of the travel agency playbook. Companies like Expedia and Booking Holdings own several companies that essentially do the same thing so that when someone searches for a travel app, they have a higher chance of having one of theirs installed. The added complexity with social apps is that you need some level of a network effect for them to be successful, and having more of them could create a no-win scenario for all of the umbrella apps.

Insights & Updates
User acquisition trends for mobile apps
Join us for an upcoming webinar with Tara Kirkpatrick, Mobile Trends Analyst at Apptopia. Get valuable insights from the expert analysis of the latest user acquisition trends and strategies, including the most effective channels for engaging your target audience.
150+ AI Chatbot Apps Have Launched This Year
Apps being published to the app stores with the term "AI Chatbot" or "AI Chat" in either their app name, subtitle, or description have increased 1480%, year-over-year, in the first quarter.
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